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Our Story


In Spring of 2019, a group of like-minded friends, who were all passionate about community empowerment and mental well-being, had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Abbas Edalat, professor of Imperial College London and the founder of the Self-Attachment Technique (SAT) during his visit to Vancouver, BC. We were intrigued by Dr. Edalat’s research on intergenerational trauma and fascinated by the concept of Self-Attachment Therapy as a solution for getting past such trauma and fostering healing and growth for individuals and communities.

In April 2020, we had the privilege to be among the participants of the first SAT pilot study offered by Dr. Edalat for the audience connecting from across North America. The 8-week workshop transformed the way many of us look at mental well-being in a profound way. We feel that practicing SAT protocols provided us with a unique perspective on personal and interpersonal growth and gave us a practical set of tools to foster compassion, cheerfulness and creativity.

Inspired by our experience with SAT, we established the Empowered Human Foundation (EHF) in December 2020 to help promote the Self-Attachment method and make it accessible to a wider audience of individuals and communities from all nationalities, identities and walks of life. We are committed to do what we can to engage and empower all people who are interested in self-actualization, social-emotional learning and community empowerment.

Coming together and working together, we aspire to become the empowered human’s foundation.



Our Mission

To empower individuals of all walks of life on their journey to social and emotional intelligence and creativity by developing and promoting  evidence-based, efficacious and widely accessible self-improvement  techniques, educational resources and digital technologies.


Our Vision

A world shaped by compassionate, cheerful, creative, and resilient individuals capable of empowering themselves, their communities and the human race to overcome our existential problems and attain a brighter future for our living planet.